About Ohio Minds Matter

About Ohio Minds Matter

The updated Ohio Minds Matter website is intended to provide educational resources for healthcare providers, families, and other stakeholders that support a coordinated, family-centric behavioral health system of care. The resources were developed by a clinical expert panel from Ohio’s colleges of medicine, children’s hospitals, and community health providers, working with ODM and OhioMHAS. The newly updated resources include:


  • Treatment modules and screening tools from common behavioral health conditions
  • Medication guides for prescribing psychotropic medications
  • Prevention resources, including suicide prevention guidelines, a module on resilience, and resources for families to know when to seek help
  • A tool to engage youth and families in treatment decisions and education about supportive parenting practices
  • Information about how to get help.

Ohio Minds Matter Collaborative was launched in 2012 as a statewide quality improvement (QI) collaborative sponsored by the Ohio Department of Medicaid in partnership with other health and human services agencies, healthcare leaders, colleges of medicine, stakeholders, and medical professionals. The purpose of the collaborative was to evaluate and improve prescribing of atypical antipsychotics and other psychotropic medications to the youngest members of the Medicaid population. With use of a multistrategy approach that incorporated data-driven feedback and evidence-based recommendations, improvements were seen in three targets:

  • antipsychotics prescribed to children under age six,
  • prescription of two or more concomitant antipsychotics for longer than two months, and
  • prescription of four or more psychotropic medications

The Ohio Minds Matter website was used as a resource for clinicians, families, and other child-serving organizations to provide information about evidence-based treatment and tools to encourage youth-centered shared decision-making.


Pediatric Behavioral Health Clinical Advisory Panel: ​

  • Courtney Cinko, MD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center​
  • Brian Kurtz, MD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center​
  • Steven Jewell MD, Akron Children’s Hospital​
  • Michael Sorter MD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center​
  • Sara E. Dugan PHARM.D., BCPP, BCPS Northeast Ohio Medical University​
  • Eileen McGee, MD, Former Associate Medical Director, Signature Health ​
  • Kelly Blankenship, DO, Medical Director, Consultation-Liaison Services, Dayton Children’s Hospital ​
  • Jonathan Mathis, MD, Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Holzer Health System ​
  • Richard Shepler, Director, Center for Innovative Practices at CWRU/OhioRISE Center of Excellence​
  • Bobbi Beale, Center for Innovative Practices at CWRU/OhioRise Center of Excellence​
  • Justin Trevino, MD, Medical Director, OhioMHAS​
  • Mary Applegate, MD, FAAP, FACP, Medical Director, ODM ​
  • Jacqueline Morse, MD, MPH Assistant Medical Director, ODM​
  • Kelly Smith, OhioRISE External Affairs Administrator, ODM​
  • Marisa Weisel, MPH Deputy Director of Strategic Initiatives, ODM​
  • Sala Webb, MD, CPH, FAPA DFAACAP, Aetna, OhioRISE Medical Director​
  • Timothy Schaffner, Executive Director of Trumbull County Children Services​
  • Ujjwal Ramtekkar, MD, MPE, MBA, formerly Nationwide Children's Hospital


Facilitated by The Ohio Colleges of Medicine, Government Resource Center


Other contributors:

  • Erin McKnight, M.D., Nationwide Children's Hospital
  • Michael Fox, LPCC-S CCDCIII, Center for Innovative Practices, CWRU